Preserve. Rehabilitate. Restore. Reconstruct.

For more than 50 years, Chambers Murphy & Burge Historical Architecture has assisted clients and other architects with a wide range of historical architecture services. These four words capture the core and depth of our studio’s work. The internationally-recognized terminology, as designated by the National Park Service, represents our standard of care. Preservation focuses on the maintenance and repair of existing historic materials and retention of a property's form as it has evolved over time. Rehabilitation acknowledges the need to alter or add to a historic property to meet continuing or changing uses while retaining the property's historic character. Restoration depicts a property at a particular period of time in its history, while removing evidence of other periods. Reconstruction re-creates vanished buildings or non-surviving portions of a property for interpretive purposes.

Chambers, Murphy & Burge recently merged with Perspectus Architecture. The combined practice is one of the largest architectural firms in Ohio, offering strengths in Architectural Design and Historical Architecture.

Historical Architecture
& Design

Historical Architecture & Design
The Studio’s architects, conservators and interior designers carry projects from pre-design and programming through working drawings and contract administration.
Assessment &
Maintenance Planning

Assesment & Maintenance Planning
Since the pivotal publication of “Cyclical Maintenance for Historic Structures” (Chambers, 1973), the Studio has offered thorough exterior and interior assessment and planning for historic and existing structures.
Research &

Research & Compliance
Sharing more than 50 years of expertise in physical and archival research and compliance-related work for significant grants, tax credits, easements and other funding sources.