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Spring 2010

CMB has become a development partner for [1]TPAS®, a Tablet PC Annotation System
Chambers, Murphy & Burge utilizes [1]TPAS ™ (Tablet PC Annotation System) to expedite field conditions observations and to reduce the chances of lost information. CMB is one of a few firms (the only one in the State of Ohio) that are beta testing this system which allows us to take our AutoCad, pdf, or photo documents in to the field and annotate directly into the software. The photos taken in the field are located on the document and the quantities for length and area of defects are calculated based upon the materials marked in the field assessment process.

[1] TPAS© (Tablet PC Annotation System) is a computer program that piggybacks onto Autodesk’s AutoCAD© computer drafting program. Once the plans, elevations or sections of a building are inserted into CAD, TPAS will then allow the user to highlight problem areas of the structure on the drawings using a list of typical architectural and structural problems found on existing buildings. The program can then calculate the severity, distance, area or volume of the noted problems and will allow for personal comments as well. A digital camera can be linked into the program through a USB cord, once properly connected, TPAS will mark the location of a photograph on the plan or elevation and include a digital link to the Photograph with the option to include a caption with the link. When the assessment is complete, TPAS not only produces a drawing with all associated notes and Photographs, it can also produce a spread sheet listing the issues and associated measurements, severity, location and photographs.

July 2010

Chambers, Murphy & Burge Staff meet Federal Qualifications (36 CFR 61) for Architecture, Historic Architecture, History, Architectural History, and Historic Preservation Planning and are listed on the Ohio Historic Preservation Office History/Architecture Consultants List.


Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA is elected to the AIA Ohio Executive Board

Coming up in 2011…….

Will Ohio continue Tax Credits?
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