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Ohio Courts Building
Columbus, Ohio
circa 1936
National Register of Historic Places

Originally constructed as the Ohio Departments Building, this thirteen story building represents the best in Art Deco Architecture and Decorative Arts.

The structure was renovated for the Ohio Supreme Court by Schooley Caldwell Associates. The building houses the courts, judiciary offices and the Law Library.

Chambers, Murphy & Burge Restoration Architects was retained to evaluate the conditions of the decorative metals and mosaics in the building. Recommendations included remedial repair of damage caused by improper cleaning methods. From the Bas-Relief sculpture to the more than 200 bronze doors, all of the decorative work was carefully evaluated and a plan developed for their restoration and maintenance. Careful coordination with accessibility systems and security controls is a part of the restoration of the bronze doors.

The variety of mosaic surfaces in the building includes floors, vaulted ceilings and wall panels. Each type and location was given separate consideration, and treatment.

With the Masterplan in place, Chambers, Murphy & Burge compiled contract documents for the restoration of the decorative metals and mosaics.