Rehabilitate. Restore.

As a fraternity house for more than 80 years (Delta Sigma Phi), Fasano House has contributed to the life of hundreds of the University’s alumni and continues to be a focal point for the University in its new role as the Welcome Center – and a reminder of Alfred’s rich heritage.

William Clarke Burdick, an Alfred University trustee, commissioned the construction of the house in the mid-1880s. As a notable example of the Eastlake style and a reflection of the history of the village and Alfred University, the Fasano House contributes to the character and integrity of the Alfred Village Historic District. The house represents the dedication of Alfred’s pioneers to working hard and succeeding to be contributing members to their town and strong supporters of education and women.

Fasano House/Alfred University Welcome Center


Fasano House/Alfred University Welcome Center


Chambers, Murphy & Burge provided restoration services, including paint analysis for the Alfred University team of design professionals for the adaptive-reuse of the new Welcome Center. Providing guidance and technical information for appropriate preservation and design treatments, Preservation Documents were prepared which included a survey of existing conditions; an analysis of construction chronology; identification of significant and character-defining elements; paint analysis; and preservation recommendations and priorities. The Architect (Don Reitz) and the Interior Designer (Vivian Hyde) utilized CMB’s Preservation Documents during the design process so that the architectural and historical integrity would not be compromised by the reuse of the structure.

Selective demolition revealed hidden or lost elements that were later reinstated. In the dining room, ghosts of baseboards and chair rails and the original decorative relief plaster were discovered under the existing mid century wood paneling. Historical evidence on the sitting room ceiling (the original formal dining room) revealed outlines of applied plaster or composition ornamentation and traces of painted decoration after portions of the existing tile ceiling were removed. Two carved wooden fireplace mantles decorated with ornate trim and ceramic tile were restored and are featured in the new parlor and sitting room.

Restoration of the house’s exterior strengthened the historic and stylistic integrity of the structure. The Eastlake/Queen Ann style is defined by its ornament and vibrant colors. Great care was taken to craft replacements for missing decorative elements at the front porch and roof gables. Non-original windows and doors were replaced with new ones based on research, evidence and fragments of originals found on-site. A new paint scheme was based on a historic color palette and analysis of original paint layers that commonly dressed this style of building. The Eastlake decoration and massing exude prominent character.

Fasano House/Alfred University Welcome Center

Fasano House/Alfred University Welcome Center

Members of the fraternity led efforts to raise funds and contributed more than half the total needed to restore and renovate the house as an alumni welcome center and home to the Division of University Relations. Joe Fasano purchased the house from Delta Sigma Phi and donated it to the University.

Services Provided:

  • Historical / Design Architecture
  • Conditions Assessment
  • Paint Analysis
  • Historic Structures Report
  • Site Design
  • Master Plan
  • Site/Building Evaluation
  • Concept Plans
  • Specifications
  • Document Existing Conditions
  • Preservation Planning
  • Materials Restoration
  • ADA
  • Contractor Qualifications