Municipalities have engaged Chambers, Murphy & Burge to research, write and produce Design Guidelines exclusively for their community, including Portsmouth, Green, Kent, Cuyahoga Falls and Massillon, all located in the State of Ohio.

Design Guidelines provide citizens and property owners with a brief historical context of the community and illustrations of the types of buildings that represent the city’s unique past. The Guidelines should be a source of information that communicates why the community is a place of which to be proud. The Guidelines highlight different types and styles of buildings found in the community and describe the historic values, influences and features that are associated with each.

Guidelines contain helpful information for property owners describing proper maintenance of historic materials and elements, such as metal work, brick and stone masonry, windows and doors, and roofing and rainwater systems. Lists of resources, including web-based sources, are provided for more information.

Design Guidelines are intended to interpret the ordinance (required to become a Certified Local Government), based on accepted national standards, primarily the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. This interpretation serves both the property owner and the Historic Commission or Design Review Board. It assists the owner with planning work on a historic property by providing detailed information about acceptable practices. It also aids the Historic Commission or Design Review Board to develop consistent interpretation and application of the Ordinance, by providing detailed and ready resources in a single document.